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Our Comittee

As a registered charity we are committee-run and our committee is made up of parent volunteers.

Each year we hold an AGM (Annual General Meeting) to vote in new members. There are 4 key positions on the committee that must legally be filled to ensure we can stay open:

  • The Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

We also have several other parents on the committee who helps with fundraising and vote on decisions regarding the pre-school.

Our committe meets monthly during term time, usually in the evening. A committee meeting is usually around an hour to 90 minutes and has an agenda, created by the secretary and these matters are discussed and voted on.

Having a committe is a tremendous support to pre-school as well as fantastic way for parents to meet other parents in an informal setting, learning new skills, utilise existing skills and play a vital role in their child’s education.

we have a ‘Helping Hands’ guide, which provides further details on our committee, what the roles entail as well as more information on our current members.

if you are intrested in  joining the committee or would like a Helping Hands Guide, lease speak to a member of staff or the commimtte

our committee meeting are open for all the attend and are advertised in pre-school and on our Facebook 2 weeks in advance, so please feel free to attend!